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Our approach is simple. We can put competitive teams on the field for $950 per player, with an optional $0-$450 for the fall season – with several payment options available – primarily, by being good stewards of our resources.  Our young men can pay for the fees directly or, as nearly all our athletes choose, participate in our mulching program or raffle ticket sale,  or other fund-raisers to raise additional monies.

Part of our job as parents is to make certain our young men are financially independent and responsible. For these lessons to take root, they cannot begin when they have finished high school. Mom and Dad can’t always be the answer to their financial issues. About 1/3 of our players are able to make enough money to cover 100% of their baseball expenses and another 1/3 make enough to pay 50%.


2022 -  Fall & Winter Baseball Season - $0 - $450 (August 15 - December 31)

2022/2023 - JV & Varsity School Baseball Fees - $950 (January 1 - May 10th)


Option #1: Pay $950 due October 31

Option #2: Pay $500 due October 31 with the remaining $450 by January 15

Payment can be by cash, check or PayPal option on our website (Please do not select the product or service option)​  (Please use friends and family when using Paypal)

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